Advanced homeopathy for kids:
Classical homeopathy offers and extensive information about symptoms based on provings that enables the practitioner to find the homeopathic remedy that matches the symptoms that the child might present.
Emotional and physical symptoms, cravings, dreams, fears, various factors that agravate or aliviate the child’s condition are taken into consideration. A very long questionnare has to be filled in by the parents in order to know very especifically how these symptoms manifest from the ailment.

In a more advanced homeopathic approach we also look for the source of the experience.
Knowing that the same pathology will present different symptoms on every child, research shows that the actual experience of the ailment gives us especific information in order to prescribe the exact remedy at the appropiate potency.
As much as the homeopathic remedies to be purchased over the counter are safe and in many cases useful for common childhood ailments, when they appear to be not so effective it’s simply because the right remedy was not given to the child. Homeopathic remedies are totally safe and have no side effects yet it is highly recommended to get a remedy prescribed by an experienced and certified homeopathic practitioner specialized in peadiatric cases.
Children have a world of their own, very diffrent from the adults in every aspect of the physical and neuropsycobiological development. In early childhood the basic psycological processes have not been developed yet and they might even talk much, yet that doesn’t mean they are not having their own individual experience of the ailment as much as the adults do.
In order to assess the level of experience that the child has within the state of unbalance, the consultation has to include beside the interview to the parents and the child’s physical examination, the possibility to see the child move, play, draw, and express in whichever way they might. All these elements provide specific information about what is really going on beneath the symptoms and will lead to the adequate choice of remedy in order for it to be absolutely effective.
Peadiatric cases demand a very high knowledge of child development on an emotional, cognitive, social, psycological and physical level, and the skills to interpret the child’s motor skills, symbolic play, hands on play, drawings (all depending on the child’s age), sounds, words, facial and body expression and so on. So the consultation must cover all these aspects to have a thorough assesment of the illness or unbalance.
From an integrative medicine or holistic point of view is also fundamental besides the homeopathic prescription to configurate a well balanced diet for the child as well as to suggest lifestyle adjustments so that the vital force within the child may restore balance again within the body, mind and soul.
An integrative, functional or holistic approach to the well being of a child should take into consideration all the aspects taking place within the aliment and be very specialized in peadiatrics.
Homeopathy provides a comprehensive approach from minor to severe physical ailments and also emotional or psycological disorders. Kids diagnosed with ADHD,ODD or CD improve with homeopathic treatment to the point where prescrption drugs are no longer necessary.

® Tania Rodriguez-Arias